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Design of an innovative and comprehensive group technology and cloud strategy 

Der Auftrag

A leading European payment processor, serving more than 700,000 merchants, underwent an operating model change to integrate a few local acquiring companies in one single pan-European entity. We were contracted to devise the group technology strategy and its initial cloud strategy. The group technology strategy aimed to deliver a modern technology experience over the next two-to-three years to support the business’s growth agenda, whilst the cloud strategy aimed to build the foundational layer of cloud services to support the entire organisation.​

Unser Vorgehen

We combined inward and outward looking approaches to depict and analyse a comprehensive technology ecosystem. Throughout the project, we:

  • Conducted workshops and interviews with C-suite and technology management to understand the direction of the organisation and help shape the strategies
  • Completed market and technology research to identify key industry trends and gaps within the current technology function and cloud adoption approaches
  • Developed and iterated conceptual frameworks to elicit the necessary initiatives and activities required to transform the function and ensure the organisation was cloud-ready
  • Compiled a list of priority initiatives with clear timelines, activities and KPIs to deliver the transformation of the technology function and cloud capabilities.


​We delivered and obtained executive approval of the group technology strategy with key next steps enabling the consolidation of data centres, support for the integration of recently acquired entities and reduction in cost across the function.

We produced a cloud strategy with recommendations of capabilities that deploy cloud-ready applications, drive rationalisation of data centres, applications and operations as well as delivering enterprise IT solutions to enable integration and collaboration.


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