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Katja Golub

Katja Golub

Senior Project Manager @ Be STF Germany

Who are you?

I am a Senior Project Manager / Senior Consultant at Be Germany. 6 years ago I have decided to change my specialization to IT area in banking sector and joined Be Germany. It‘s very interesting experience to support banks in their journey to optimize IT architecture and become more competitive on the market.

What do you like best about your job?

Freedom to try new topics and to discover new passions. At Be you can learn a lot. Here I mean not only access to diverse training resources; but also practical experience, the possibility to learn by working with experts who are very kind to share with you their knowledge and help you to understand new topics.

What is your challenge for the next year?

Up to now my focus was more on project management: to ensure that the required solution is delivered with expected quality and in time. Next year I want to try something different and focus on business analysis and solution design. I am very exited about it!


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