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Emre-Can Sönmez

Emre-Can Sönmez

Head of Software Development & Resource Management@ Be STF Austria

When did you start working at Be AT? 


What does a typical day @ Be look like for you?

We mostly start our day with a “daily” meeting around 10:00 to know who works on what and if anyone needs any assistance. After this meeting I can identify who requires help and continue having shorter meetings with them.
During the day I either have lots of other meetings (1-on-1s with developers, planning, update, and customer meetings) or if we have features or bugs that we need to deliver and every other developer is already working on something else, I pick these up.
When there is nothing else, I tend do refactor applications (code maintenance) and write documentation.

What projects have you worked on since you joined Be AT? 

I started working on tecconTR, a regulatory reporting tool that is mostly used by banks, as soon as I joined BE. After a while, I took on tecconMW, an application that acts as an interface between 2 systems, as well. My first and foremost task here is to lead the development team.

How have you found the hybrid working environment? 

I find it very liberating. I especially like the possibility of working from home and not having to spend hours commuting every week which also allows me to start working earlier so I could spend more time with my son in such evenings.

How would you describe Be AT‘s culture? 

People here are very nice, proactive, and collaborative which makes this team unique.
We have people from all around the world, so it never gets boring here!

And finally… any interesting hobbies you want to share?

I have a 9-month-old son, so I don’t have that much time to spend on any of my hobbies right now but when I do:

– Going out for a long walk with my family.
– Spending time with friends.
– Playing musical instruments (guitar, piano, ukulele)
– Doing research on things that interests me / watching documentaries.
– Playing games on my console / laptop.


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