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Elena Kohler

Elena Kohler

Project Manager @ Be STF Germany

Who are you?

I’ve been working at Be for about 7 years and came here right after my master’s degree. As a trained bank clerk I have always been interested in the subject of banks, and I focused on IT during my studies.

What do you like best about your job?

What I like best is the opportunity to develop at Be. I started as a business analyst but quickly realized that that’s not all I wanted to do. I really enjoy my current job as a project and test manager. I did a scrum training and am a product owner. I have also started to write a doctoral thesis, which means more time. Be helped me find that time by reducing hours and allowing me to take a sabbatical.

What is your challenge for the next year?

The biggest challenge for me for the next year is the Agile Coach training. The company also supports me particularly well here, since I am currently working full-time on a project. Hopefully I will pass the training and be able to work in my new area of ​​responsibility as an Agile Coach.


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