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tarics+ Multi Vendor Distribution & Contribution Platform

The challenge: complexity and high costs

Currently, banks and investment houses often manage their financial market data and instruments using heterogeneous system landscapes. The market data is distributed in-house via platforms from individual vendors. Interfaces are developed between applications and data feeds of individual vendors to supply the applications with the necessary information.

This decentralized approach is based on the fact that the market data platforms of the individual vendors do not, in most cases, allow market data to be fed in from other providers. It is also possible that additional charges may be levied for feeding in data.

The use of such a heterogeneous landscape results in avoidable costs and expenses:

  • Fees for the distribution of own data via the platform
  • Fees for feeding external data into the platform
  • High costs for the creation and administration of interfaces
  • Additional costs due to the acquisition and operation of several management or reporting systems

In order to avoid these additional costs, financial service providers often do not use more favorable market data from alternative vendors.

This means that significant savings potential in the areas of infrastructure operation and market data procurement will not be realized.

The solution: tarics+

tarics+ resolves the dependencies between infrastructure providers and data suppliers.

The use of an open interface standard makes it possible to harmonize heterogeneous system landscapes into a standardized platform, which is called tarics+.

All data traffic is routed and managed via tarics+. Entitlement processes, the creation of reports, authorization concepts, and much more can be standardized, thus considerably reducing the effort involved.

In addition, tarics+ allows you to obtain data from the suppliers that most efficiently meet your individual needs.


  • is independent of software manufacturers and data suppliers
  • has a consistent authorization concept
  • offers high performance and stability
  • offers a variety of functions to transform market data (shredding, merging, calculation rules, etc.)
  • has a simple and fair licensing model
  • enables easy connection and maintenance of data sources (vendors, stock exchanges, rating agencies, etc.), applications, databases, etc.

One platform, two targets:

  • Consolidate and simplify your market data infrastructure
  • Flexibility and cost optimization in the purchase of financial market data