Fusion Treasury in the Cloud

Fusion Treasury in the Cloud

Finastra and Be have jointly developed a new business model for Fusion Treasury (Fusion Kondor) that reduces both costs and platform TCO. Fusion Treasury in the Cloud is a comprehensive cloud offer with full Fusion Treasury and Fusion Risk functionality that will improve deployment and time to market while reducing and controlling costs in the long term. With Fusion Treasury in the Cloud, financial institutions can standardize and integrate their trading and risk platform without losing sight of the demands of customers, regulators and markets. With a simplified and agile infrastructure, Fusion Treasury in the Cloud is a SaaS (software as a service) solution designed to grow with your business.

Global Treasury Trading

With comprehensive coverage of interest rate derivatives, listed commodity options and cash commodities, Fusion Treasury in the Cloud supports 24×7, follow-the-sun global treasury trading. Its functional depth includes pretrade analytics, simulation, real-time position keeping, P&L explanation, and limits management. With extensive risk management and impressive levels of trade processing automation, the solution enables clients to reduce risk and achieve significant cost savings.


Fusion Treasury in the Cloud is an out-of-the-box solution that enables institutions to trade high volumes of treasury. At the same time, it offers the flexibility to support more complex derivatives, options and structured trades, and its functionality can be easily integrated with existing systems and applications. Fusion Treasury and Fusion Risk are open and easily customizable.

Better User Experience

Fusion Treasury and Fusion Risk can be configured to meet the needs of different desks and individual traders. Flexible trade capture and deal screens as well as versatile workspaces and workflows can be set up for intuitive and efficient usability. Users have a single web entry point to access the application.

More Flexibility, Less Cost

With Fusion Treasury in the Cloud, institutions only pay for what they use – the pricing model is based on a fixed price per user and offers unlimited trading volumes. The service is hosted in a flexible Azure Cloud infrastructure that is designed to grow with your business.

Security and Compliance

Fusion Treasury in the Cloud meets the most up-to-date regulatory requirements and follows best practices for security and data protection. Connectivity is guaranteed by a VPN gateway and AD authentication. The application is securely accessible from the end user desktop, improving the user experience while remaining fast and reliable.
Fusion Treasury in the Cloud is a single-tenant installation, with one Fusion Treasury and Fusion Risk instance per customer. European data is resident in the Azure North Europe datacentre as a primary location and the West Europe datacentre for disaster recovery and secure data protection.
Microsoft Azure is certified under directive ISO/IEC 27017:2015 and is fully managed by a team of experienced professionals with restricted and role-based access.


Our customers benefit from a professional team with more than 20 years’ of experience to support their treasury activity in a fully managed Azure Cloud infrastructure.

You will benefit from:
– On-demand capacity from Azure
– Pay-as-you-go development and pre-production environments
– Operating system and fully supported network
– Database management
– Advance monitoring
– Application processes
– Overnight batch jobs control
– Fusion Treasury and Fusion Risk software upgrades

 Implementation Services

Our professional services team are experts in the products they support and have extensive experience in systems integration. They help customers to get maximum advantage from the advanced functionality of Fusion Treasury and Fusion Risk. Our experts have the experience necessary to take your business requirements and integrate the new platform with your existing upstream and downstream systems.

Architecture Overview

Fusion Treasury in Cloud is certified by Finastra and is designed to incorporate the best functionality from Fusion Treasury, Fusion Risk and Microsoft Azure.
Compliant with the most recent regulatory and security requirements, it is embedded in a business continuity plan and disaster recovery solution, with a fast failover and failback process and a database RTO of 15 minutes.
Its flexibility and price transparency dramatically reduces hardware ownership costs, increases the provision of development and pre-production environments based on our customers’ demands, and can be scaled to fit any of your business requirements and trading volumes.
The Azure Cloud infrastructure is constantly upgrading and innovating. Be constantly adjusts it to deliver the best technological infrastructure and business solution to our customers.

For more information contact Manuel Mello manuel.mello@be-tse.de or call us at +49895173970