tarics+ Multi Vendor Distribution & Contribution Platform

The future belongs to tarics+

A multi-vendor distribution platform for distributing market data from different vendors into internal applications and processes.  tarics+ calculates, transforms, entitles, and contributes market data to all internal and external sources.


  • is an evolution of tarics, which has been used for contribution in the market for more than 15 years by a variety of customers
  • is a flexible, configurable, and proven application
  • is an out-of-the box solution for easy integration of market data from different vendors such as Bloomberg, Refinitiv, SIX and Tradition
  • has a proprietary entitlement system, that is able to entitle different streams that publish or contribute data from internal or external sources
  • has a high number of interfaces to be able to solve the requirements of our customers
  • is very modular and can therefore be adapted to all needs without being slowed down by unnecessary functional ballast
  • is an extremely cost-effective solution due to its independence and supplier agnostic nature.

tarics+ can be delivered on premises or in the cloud. tarics+ is certified to run on Amazon AWS but can also be operated under other cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure. We have developed tarics+ to be modular and open. There are several modules and interfaces within the solution, and these allow us to adapt our product to the specific needs of our customers.

tarics+ has modules and interfaces such as:

  • internal and external contribution
  • entitlement and reporting system
  • service conflation
  • calculation, transformation, manipulation, and shredding
  • connection of different databases
  • monitoring of all system relevant parameters
  • Excel integration

The most important feature of tarics+ is the ability to stream the different sources of data, to contribute internally and externally, and to entitle all the data that flows through the system. It allows our customers to be more efficient and cost effective.

Main benefits of tarics+

Freedom: It brings freedom to use the data independently of the market data vendors.

Efficiency: It allows you to reduce your time to market, use the market data source you really need, optimize and control your market data usage.

Compliance: BeEntitled gives you a complete view all data distributed and a clear vision of who and how your data is used.

Simplification: The central approach to market data provisioning drastically reduces the number of interfaces and thus the complexity of the IT.

Cost reduction: In the end you have a significant cost reduction, not only because you can benefit from our competitive pricing model, but also because you simplify, and you have full control of the data you use. You can optimize your usage of data, optimize the way you integrate your applications, reduce your time to market.