Our History

Since 1998 we have been accompaning and supporting the leading financial service providers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


The transition from targit GmbH to Be Shaping the Future.

  • The targit GmbH got founded in 1998 in Germany.
  • In 2008 the first branch got founden in 2008 in Austria.
  • Three years later the second branch got founded in Switzerland.
  • In 2014 targit GmbH was acquired by the Be Group. This happened through the takeover of Oss-UBS and the merger with targitfs AG to Be Think, solve, Execute AG in Switzerland. This happened in 2015.
  • In the following year, tarhit GmbH ayquired a 55% stake in the payment transaction specialist R & LG AG.
  • In the next year targit GmbH ayquired a 60 % share in the financial market solution specialist Fimas GmbH.
  • This resulted in the renaming of targit GmbH to Be think, Solve Execute GmbH in the same year.
  • In 2019, Be TSE GmbH took over 100% of the share capital of R & L AG.
  • The complete renaming of targit GmbH Germany and Vienna took place in 2020 in Be Shaping the Future GmbH.
  • In 2021, Be Shaping the Future GmbH pushed the next expansion of the company forward by acquiring an 86 % stake in Firstwaters GmbH.