1. Where do I find the current opportunities at Be Shaping the Future?

You can have a look on our career page either on professionals D-A-CH or freelancers, depending on the position you are looking for.

You can also send us directly an email to personal@be-tse.de with a CV, salary expectations and earliest start date.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

2. My academic background differs from your requirements. Can I apply anyway?

The academic background is important but what is more important is your experience in the banking industry. So if you have any relevant experience in project management, software development or in the banking industry don’t hesitate to send us your CV.

However because some clients only speak German we required a minimum of B1 Level in German. Which is why interviews are usually held in German.

3. How is the selection process organized?

We will first read your CV and see whether there is a match with our expectations or not. If all goes well with your profile, we will contact you to set a first phone or even face to face interview in our office, depending on your current location. Usually one HR people and one senior manager will be there for this interview. Depending on the results of the first interview a second one will be organised with one of our managing director. We will of course give you a feedback at each stage of the process.

We try to be as fast as we can so the process doesn’t take so much time for both parties.

4. How can I prepare for my interview?

Our selection process is based on the key competencies relevant to each business and role. We recommend carefully reviewing the job description and researching information on the company and the specific business for which you are applying.

5. I was unsuccessful in my application – can I reapply for a different role?

Yes. Please send us your updated resume. We will be pleased to see your improvements during this last year. However, please note that when you apply we check every possibilities within the company before declining your application.

6. What is the working language?

While day to day interactions are usually conducted in German, as an international consultancy we expect all candidates to be fluent in written and spoken English.

7. Are there any international opportunities?

Being part of the Be Group, we are a pan-European organization with a global mindset. We enable cross border experiences for many of our people. We put in place a new talent management where one of the criteria is to get an international experience within the group.

8. What art of projects do you have in your portfolio?

Our clients are the leading financial services and insurance companies in Germany. We can support them with a wide range of services: change in regulation, transformation and digitalisation, support in the software development. We also develop our own products. You will definitely find something that will match your interest!

9. How will Be support my training needs?

For us it is important that our employees stay at the state of the art regarding the business and the methodology. We are proud to have our own Be Akademie which offers internal trainings held by your colleagues all year long.

10. What will my career path be like?

We are a human size company and want to keep this philosophy of flat hierarchy. We don’t have a strict career path that we stick on. You will get the opportunity to discuss with your manager on a regular basis about your career and your interests and set an action plan. As the company got bigger, employees are not anymore stick to one function but we expect them to expand their qualifications and even evolve in a new tasks and responsibilities when wished.

We support our best talents so that they can achieve great things. We are looking forward to listening to your ideas!

11. How will my personal data be handled in Be?

As soon as you apply by Be you will get an email regarding our data protection policy. Your data will be only used for internal use and not resell to any other company. You can at any moment contact us to delete them.