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The Board of Directors of Be Shaping the Future today approved the draft Financial Statements

Be Shaping the Future (DE)14.03.2019

The Board of Directors of Be Shaping the Future today approved the draft Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements as of December 31, 2018, covening the Sharehoders’ Meeting.

The balance sheet presented today is the result of a brilliant year” – says Stefano Achermann, CEO of Be – “with solid and strongly growing business indicators. Results are even more significant if we consider that they include provisions in the amount of €/mln 2.4, due to costs for disposal of the Operations segment, no longer strategic for the Group’s activities. We recorded overperforming business indicators, even more than 30% compared to 2017. The transiction to positive of the NFP is also significant, despite the distributed dividends and the starting of the treasury shares buy-back. We will propose to the Shareholders’ Meeting to increase the amount of the dividend up to 0.022, dividend yield of 2.44%. Thanks to this performance, we achieved the organic growth targets, presented in the 2017-2019 business plan, one year in advance. We will evaluate, in the coming weeks, a possible review of our strategies to support and make our growth process even more robust over the next 36 months“.

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