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Treasury Middle Tier Software

The brief

A major Austrian bank wanted to change its treasury system to a leaner product in order to increase cost efficiency. The existing system was very much embedded into the current IT landscape and had various input and output interfaces. So, the major challenge was to integrate the new system in a way that the legacy systems receive exactly the same data from the new system because the client did not want to touch those dispositive systems

Our approach

The scope of Be was not the integration and customization of the new system itself but to develop a middle tier software that will handle all the input the new system needs and processes the output to dispositive systems. 

Because of the precondition to deliver the same output with a new source system and because the new and the old system were very different, we had to create a lot of business logic in new software, especially for the population of the data warehouse. 

The new layer was a modularly structured software. Every module was responsible for one major topic: 

DWH – creating the files for the data warehouse 

Regulatory Reporting – created the regulatory files (EMIR, MIFIR, SFTR) 

Cash Management – disposition of treasury payments 

SWIFT – confirmation matching 

Accounting – connection to the accounting and hedge accounting 

Dealing – connection the dealing platforms 

The solution and key benefits

We provided an end-to-end agile software development with our proven scrum framework. Our business analysts worked on the specifications and cut them into user stories. Our Java and SQL developers coded new treasury middle tier software. In workshops together with the bank experts the test results were presented and approved. 


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