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Introducing a new product in Finastra Kondor

The brief

Our customer, a leading bank in Middle East, asked Be STF to support in the implementation of a bond issuance program in the Finastra Kondor Suite. The bank is active on this market and holds a significant portfolio which is maintained and monitored on a daily basis. The bank’s main goal was to automate the daily operations, including the reporting, daily revaluation and swift messaging automation for existing positions and new business. The Be STF project team implemented a new product in Kondor+, Fusion Risk and K+TP.

Our approach

The project scope included all configurations and developments necessary to implement the new product in the Fusion Kondor Suite that includes Kondor+, Fusion Risk and K+TP, and migrate the existing portfolio.

We started the project interviewing the key business departments in order to document the requirements and design a business workflow that will match the needs from the different areas.

Another point of analysis was the current usage of the system and its daily operations. We always focused on implementing a scalable solution that fits best possible the current operating model by re-using or leveraging existing solutions and processes.

After three months of work, we made the new product available to be tested. We arranged joined testing sessions with our customer and introduced them to the new product features while testing the implementation. After 3 weeks of intensive testing the bank went live with the new product implemented in Finastra Kondor Suite.

The solution and key benefits

We implemented a fully automated solution, allowing the bank to replace the existing spreadsheet and daily manual work by a robust Fusion Kondor Suite implementation, fully integrated with the global ledger, SWIFT, and other 3rd party software.

The project goals were achieved and today the bank saves a considerable amount of effort and time on the daily operation of the product portfolio.


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