Be prepared for SFTR: Be GmbH | AT @ Finanzplatztag

Die Be GmbH nimmt am 6./7. März 2019 am Finanzplatztag der WM Gruppe in Frankfurt am Main teil.
Im Rahmen dessen informieren wir im Vortrag „Be prepared for SFTR“, welche Auswirkung das neuste Kapitel der Regulatorik auf Finanzteilnehmer hat. Peter Peschek (Head of Business Solutions der Be GmbH) beschreibt in 45 Minuten, welche Maßnahmen betroffene Markteilnehmer ergreifen müssen, um erfolgreich den neuen Reporting-Anforderungen gerecht zu werden. Im Zuge der Veranstaltung stehen Ihnen unsere Experten für weitere Fragen rund um das Thema SFTR, sowie unserem Leistungsportfolio zur Verfügung.

Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung, zu den Themen und zur Agenda finden Sie hier:

Be achieving the leadership in the Cyber Security: the acquisition of Tesla Consulting

Be Think Solve Execute S.p.A. (Be), listed on the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, accellerates the creation of a Cyber Security leadership by entering the share capital of Tesla Consulting (the Company) and subsequently completing its take over process.

TESLA Consulting s.r.l. is an Italian company specialized in services and solutions for cyber security and Digital Forensics. The transaction consists of the purchase of a first tranche of the Company’s share capital, equal to 5% and a second tranche, in the amount of 55% of the share capital, by July 2019; the first tranche grants Be the complete operating governance over the Company through the appointment of the majority of the members in the Company’s Board of
TESLA was founded in Bologna in 2013 by Stefano Fratepietro, recognized at international level as a father and founder of the DEFT Linux project, one of the most extensively used computer survey systems. Stefano, who will be in charge of the further development of the company, is also acting as professor for some of the major Italian Universities and Computer Security Technical Consultant for many national and international organizations. Thanks to his leadership, in the last 3 years the Company has grown by 270% and is expected to close 2018 with Eur 1.8 million revenues and 30% EBITDA margin.
The parties also agreed on a “Put & Call” structure for the purchase of the residual share capital in two subsequent tranches by June 30, 2028.


“We have been launching Cyber Security projects for some months – says Stefano Achermann, CEO of Be – in a market where the demand for these services is more and more important. Talent, access to information, technical skills, situation management, relational systems and professional ethic really make the difference in this market. The acquisition of Tesla Consulting, lead by Stefano Fratepietro – one of the most recognized professionals in the sector – will bring us up to 60% of the Company share capital from the month of July this year. The transaction contributes to complete Be portfolio in the areas of specialized Consulting, Cyber Security Operations Center and Digital Forensics”.